Rubbers Trading

Novalca distributes natural rubbers, synthetic rubbers and TPR in the market of compounds and the transformation of oils and bitumen.

Thanks to several partnerships with the major producers of elastomers, Novalca can offer its customers a wide range of products including high end materials, Near prime, Off grade, PCU and semi-finished materials.

  •  Natural rubber
  • Butadiene and Butadiene-Styrene Rubbers: BR (High and low content of CIS), SBR (emulsion and solution polymerization ), NBR, CR.
  • Polyolefin elastomers/rubbers: CSP (Polyethylene chlorosulphonate), CM (CPE), EVA, EPM, EPDM, POE.
  • Butyl rubbers: IIR(Butyl),BIIR(Bromobutyl),CIIR (Chlorobutyl).

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