Indicators slots and internal components

Excellent mechanical properties, colors properly studied to obtain the highest consistency and evenness inside the cockpit. The different grades  of Novamide PA66 GF H and Novamide PA6 GF meet the strictest requirements set by car manufacturers.


Cost saving, basic mechanical properties,  rigidity: for an eco-sustainable use and in respect of the environment, we propose two glass fiber reinforced grades  of the IQ range to be used for molding the speakers body.

Ventilation nozzles and conveyors

Excellent balance between  mechanical and thermal properties: Novablend PC/ABS T65 IQ and T85 IQ are simply perfect to mold ventilation nozzles and internal back parts.

Novamide PA66 GF H is excellent for ventilation conveyors of the engine compartment, thanks to its superior resistance and good mechanical properties .


Excellent molding properties, amazing appearane, superior mechanical properties at low temperatures: those features make Novablend PC/ABS T65 and T85 IMPACT simply unique for the molding of armrests fixed and mobile components.

Thanks to its high rigidity, Novablend PC/ABS T88 FV20 is ideal for molding the top of central armrest.

Novamide PA6 SV is ideal for the creation of visible components which shall not display the typical defects characterizing glass fiber reinforced compounds.

Special metal covers

The formulation was properly studied to obtain the best  flexibility at  low temperatures to cover  metal  details of armrests  junctions : Novablend PC/ABS T45 IMPACT SPECIAL is top of our range; the latest addition to our Novablend IMPACT family.


Novablend PC/ABS T85, thanks to its heat resistance and to ease of filling for long flows, it is the best solution to mold Defrosters.


Handles, doors, shutters, special dashboards

Novakral ABS UG and  MTR are  recommended for document drawers and car doors panels, where heat resistance is not needed and tailor made colors and big surfaces are key.

Novablend PC/ABS IMPACT is perfect  to mold handles and armrests components with high mechanical resistance also at low temperatures .

Novablend PC/ABS T65 is recommended for the creation of radio profiles, air vents frames and of all glossy components of the dashboard.

Black boxes

Thanks to its high heat resistance and V0 flammability class Novablend PC/ABS FR HT  is the right solution to mold high durability products featuring high technical content .


 An object to be found in every car. Its good impact resistance and light stability make Novablend PC/ABS T45  and  T65  the right solutions to mold both the body and the telepass central badge.

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