Quality e Certifications

This company policy puts products quality at the center of every project; for this reason Novalca is certified ISO 9001/2015 and can boast various validated products featuring a UL yellow card which certifies the quality of the products and the consistency of supplies, complying with the strictest regulations.
Novalca carries out quality checks and analyses on incoming materials, during the whole production process and on the finished products.
Our organization outsources to a specific laboratory the identification and coding of all raw materials, and through an ERP system, such as SAPB1, traces each incoming product whether we are talking about first choice materials, regenerated materials, ground materials, and semi-finished materials for internal use, and analyzes their physical, mechanical and thermal characteristics, directing the use of products for different applications. Furthermore, Novalca makes use of the laboratories’ production sites, along with experts in the sector and internally trained staff specialized on specific procedures, instructions and quality forms, to control all the phases of the production process and to test the finished products, respecting strict internal specifications according to the type of polymer used and to the customer’s specifications. Through these checks Novalca can provide the market with the highest quality possible at a reasonably competitive price and issue a compliance certificate matching each delivery note.
We also develop and design new products satisfying the increasingly challenging demands of our customers and we can customize any type of material and color in our portfolio.

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