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Washing machines

Novalux PC is the ideal  for porthole frames thanks to its optimal mechanical resistance and its surface brilliance .Novakral ABS and Novakril SAN are recommended for parts in direct contact with water and detergents, thanks to its intrinsic chemical resistance.

Vacuum Cleaners

Novakral ABS, Novablend T65 and T85, offering a wide selection of colors variants and high heat resistance values,  are  the ideal products to mold parts of vacuum cleaners and electric brooms; the choice of the material is based on the maximum temperature reached by the part while in operation.


Flammability resistance and high aesthetic value make Novablend PC/ABS FR ideal to mold conditioners as a whole, respecting the regulations of the sector that require V0 flammability class .


Novalux PC UG  and Novamide PA66 FV  are highly technical and beautiful materials : the polycarbonate is ideal for design pieces and the polyamide is especially recommended  for backrests and spokes, which require particular mechanical properties.

Small appliances

Novakral ABS  offers the possibility to choose among multiple colors and special effects ( glittery and transparent surfaces ),  and makes the right choice to mold small appliances such as juicers, blenders, irons components, and coffee machines.


Optimal aesthetic characteristics, a variety of colors and light effects: Novalux PC, in its opaline version, is ideal for the creation of diffusers, while Novakral ABS, in a high fluidity version, is perfect  to mold flawless complex applications.

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