Rubbers Compound

Novalca distributes rubber compounds for low and medium voltage electric cables.
Thanks to several partnerships with highly specialized Europeans producers and its proprietary know-how, Novalca can design and create compounds according to standard specifications (VDE, BS, EN, ecc.) and tailor-made compounds according to their customers’ needs.
The production processes of the compounds we offer range from rubber cables produced with a CV Line (peroxide and sulfur compounds), to thermoplastic cables, to HFFR cables produced through a silane process.

  • Rubber compounds at Low and Medium Insulation Voltage(CV LINE)
  • Rubber compounds at Low Voltage of Sheath(CV LINE)
  • Silane compounds on Insulation and Sheath’s rubber base
  • Termhoplastic compounds for Cables Filling (CV LINE – STANDARD PVC EXTRUDER) with various oxygen indices (L.O.I.)

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