Electrical Meters

Most of the components of a meter can be manufactured with Novalca products: Novalux PC FR FV is suitable for shells thanks to its rigidity and flame resistance ; Novalux PC FR, in the transparent version, is ideal for the production of doors and shutters; Novamide requiring special fire retardant, halogen free  composition.

Junction boxes and electrical cabins

Novakral ABS UG and Novakral ABS TR are particularly suitable to mold  electrical junction boxes and gates components,where only basic flame-retardant properties are required. Novalux PC FR is ideal to mold durable components of electrical cabins with the highest flame retardant class possible.

Plugs and switches components

Novalux PC FR, with its various flammability classes, is the right choice for all parts featuring an electrical contact. Novalux PC UG and  Novakral ABS F are ideal for non-electrified components, whose aesthetic value is crucial and which may benefit from the products huge color possibilities.

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